Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Term 3 Immersion assembly

On Monday some of the schools in Auckland are going back to school.

When I got to school we lined up for our immersion assembly. When we got in the hall we saw miss Tito riding her bike, and mr Jacobson was riding his mountain bike in the hall.
First team was team 1 they were doing the countries that are entering the commil wafl games. They had a new teacher.

I saw Canada New Zealand America Fiji Samoa, and Scotland, but that ain't all the countries entering the commil wafl games.

After team 1 was finished it was time for team 2, and team 2 had a new teacher but, she worked at our school in 2008. When it was team 2 they did athletes they were all athletes, and they did a movie to show the school the did running javelin, and Shot put. Next is team 3.

They did gymnastic, and they did a movie it was mean as, and funny I Liked there one.Then it was time for team 4 the did the mash potato that was the sport the made up. There one was so funny, but they only had a movie. After team 4 it was time for team 5 they went to another countries Miss paget went to Atlanta Miss Clark went to New York miss Nua went to Spain, and miss Quires went to Chile.

Miss clark went to some place, and she saw Kim Kardashian, and a video of a New yorker, miss Paget saw a mean car, and some planes.Miss Nua was swimming in a pool, and baking.
And miss Quires took a video on a big as mountain for our school.

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