Monday, April 14, 2014

Evan Empathy


On my empathy poster there are lots of wales washed up on the sand..
Also there are lots of people who are trying to help the wales with buckets and filling them with water, and pouring it on them.Some people looked sad, and it looked like some wales already died.

I also have feels on my poster. My friend always feels for me when i'm put down or sad. I have put yourself in their shoes on my poster its like if someones been bad, and sad put yourself in their shoes.

I also have the word empathy on the top of my poster.

I needed.
:big piece of paper
:Coloring pencils
:Empathy pictures

Evan reading work

\The ANZAC Button - School Journal Level 2 February 2012


Find the meaning of the following words:  

trench: a long narrow ditch

bugle: a brass instrument like a small trumpet

Khaki: a dull greenish or brownish-yellow colour.

hanger: a shaped piece of wood

pre-dawn: relating to or taking place before dawn

mildew affect or be affected with mildew.

What does ANZAC stand for? Australian New Zealand army corps

Evan FIAFIA day

FiaFia day

“Ring Ring Ring” the school bell went, so I put my chair on my table put my bag on, and put my netbook away then our hole class said “good afternoon Mrs Paget”. After that I went to go home it was only one block away. When I got home my brother Lukis was already in the shower. so I waited for him.

When he was finished I grabbed my tell my close that I was going to put on, and a pair of socks, and my shoes. when I came out I was all ready, but there was like 3 hours to go So I just went to my friend Kori-lee. On my way there I went past my school Pt England the where lots of cars getting there stores ready with food.

When I got to my friend Kori he was getting ready too. When he was finished  we where bored so then we just got some water blown and filling them up with water. But we couldn't even make one, but we got the hang of it. when we had them we where already to go then Kori, and his brothers got ten dollars to buy them something, and I got 5 dollars.

so then we went to go to the school.When we got there you could smell all the food, and you could see lots of people first thing I bort was a drink I was thirsty, and hungry, so then I went to go buy a muffin. After that I went to my JUMP JAM class we were waiting until we could go in.

When we were aloud in I got the fhelt, and crossed my name out then I got my close for Fia Fia, and went on the computer, and had some free time. Then we went to the field, and waited for the first group was the first group was Senior kapa haka they where good as. my favourite group was bollywood.