Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross country

fun run cross country
yesterday we did cross country and we were waiting for the juniors to go first.
It long until it was the year 7s to go most of there we went up the start line and mr burt
said ready set go most of as sprinted it in the start. I did then when we got to the corner we slowed down.Then we went past the year 8s they were cheering for as I was running with my friend Kori.

After about 15 minutes me and Kori were at the back but then we caught up. On our second lap we so the year 8 boys and girls the when we were close to the finish line and when I was finished I was proud and happy.


  1. Evan I like it but .it's got to make sncsent

  2. hi Evan I like your fun run cross country story keep the good work up.

    by korilee


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