Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Evan saving a whale

Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach and his family motored out over the glassy water of the Sea of Cortez in their small runabout. They were out making whale observations, unaware that soon they would help save the life of one of the world’s most magnificent creatures, a humpback whale.

They got closer the whale blew forcefully out of its blowhole It was still alive.

The whale was still alive but it was trapped in a gill net. It was nearly dead because the net was tied up around its body.

Michael had only one small knife to cut the the whale free thay were cutting and cutting. about a half of a hour thay gave up

Friday, September 2, 2011


On Thursday Room 14 went to the hall to learn a new sport. We met our coach called Lorene. I was too busy looking at the gear that I didn’t hear her say, “The first skill is learning how to serve.” I was so excited about playing badminton. I served to my partner Jonathan. He hit the racket back to me. It was hard to serve. We tried to hit the racket and keep it in the air for as long as we could.

Once we finished we played a game where we had to hit the racket over the red line. We had to hit the racket and run to the back of the line. Then Lorene would hit it, then the next person and so on.

The next day we had a new teacher, her name was Donna. We played a game where we had to hit the shuttle over a net. There were two nets, one for the boys and one for the girls. We got split into two groups. Everyone lined up on one side and the rest of us lined up on the other side. I was the first one out of the game. Then the next person got up to play and it went on and on.

Even though I liked playing badminton, soccer is my favourite sport because you can kick the ball with your legs. You can find me playing soccer with my friends at morning tea time and lunch.