Friday, July 25, 2014

Going swimming

Class 5 going swimming

On Mondays Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday class 5 go swimming at Glenn Innes pools.
When lunch finishes we pack up and get ready to go to the pools. Its not far from our school its next to Tamaki College When we get there we line up at the door then we have 2 groups. Then we go to the toilets so we can get change after we get change I have a quick shower.

When we finish we go to sit down on the sits and wait for our instructor the other group goes to the other pool Then she tells Us to go in the water and grab a boogie board. She tells us to swim to the other side and back 4 times. When we finish we do freestyle without the bored its kinda hard because sometimes i don't do it properly then i can't breve so then I touch the ground.

After that we did back stroke it was hard because I couldn't breve and water goes up my nose.
When we finish our lesson we got out of the pool went to the changing rooms get change and go back to school when we get back to school its 3 o'clock and I go home from school.

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