Thursday, September 4, 2014


Colourrelax his students and

Introduction paragraph

P1 - Primary Colours

P2 - Secondary colours

P3 - Tertiary colours

P4 - conclusion

Primary Colours make up all they other colours. The Primary Colours, are red blue and yellow they are a set of colors   that can be combined into a useful range of colours.

Secondary colours are made by mixing two, or more Primary Colours.The colours
are red and blue makes purple yellow and red makes orange.

Tertiary colours are made by mixing either one primary colour with one secondary colour
or two secondary colours.

In the end I learnt the blue yellow and red make all the other colours.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Going swimming

Class 5 going swimming

On Mondays Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday class 5 go swimming at Glenn Innes pools.
When lunch finishes we pack up and get ready to go to the pools. Its not far from our school its next to Tamaki College When we get there we line up at the door then we have 2 groups. Then we go to the toilets so we can get change after we get change I have a quick shower.

When we finish we go to sit down on the sits and wait for our instructor the other group goes to the other pool Then she tells Us to go in the water and grab a boogie board. She tells us to swim to the other side and back 4 times. When we finish we do freestyle without the bored its kinda hard because sometimes i don't do it properly then i can't breve so then I touch the ground.

After that we did back stroke it was hard because I couldn't breve and water goes up my nose.
When we finish our lesson we got out of the pool went to the changing rooms get change and go back to school when we get back to school its 3 o'clock and I go home from school.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Future Aspirations

Future Aspirations
P1 Introduce topic
main goal of the session
who? what?

Choose the one that inspired you the most.
What it is that they inspired you with the most
some quotes.

Take what she said and how will that apply to you
What are you going to do? How will what she said help you?

Today the intermediate people went to the street because we had Future Aspirations to come speak to us. First we played a song welcoming them then Mr Jacobson talked about how he got his job, And what inspired him. When they came in person named Andrew was talking to us he said on sunday he is going to USA, and he said he is taking 1 person from Tamaki college.  He said all of is it for free, and his job is talking on the radio.

The most one that inspired me was Anired Fairera He is a cop he said that every day he helps the community, and he said he help do the kids safety day, and hes been on the job for 10. He said that know one from tamaki college has been training for a cop.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Holiday

In my Holidays I went to my sisters house. On the second day me, and my cousin Michael went to go to the library we were waiting for Michaels friend. When we went back Our dinner was ready because we came back late.The next day mr sister got her PS3 out, and we played smackdown vs raw 2K13. My favourite person is brock lesnar.

After that we all went to the park because my sister has a little baby.
When we got to the park we played on the flying fox, and soccer it was fun.The next day we had to go to my aunt's house when we got there I waited in the car for a little while, and Michael went in with his mum too . When I went inside they just finished having burger king I was like “ohhh” then we watched the despicable me 2 it was funny as at the end.

Then after that I had to go home but I did have fun saying at my sisters. When I got home all my cousins was there.



(Session 1)
When it was our first time at AFL we learnt the drop punt first it was laces away from faces, and Xs up and down, and point your feet to were you want it to go then kick the ball. After that we got a partner my partner was Korebeau we had to kick the ball at each other so we get used to it so we played a game it was fun as we had to kick the ball to the other team, but if they catch it we lose a point, but if they don't then we get a point, and you weren't aloud to go in the middle.

(Session 2)
When we went back to AFL we played a game someone had to be the tagger and 3 other people
had to hold hands so the tagger don't get. You had to turn around so he doesn't get you.
Then we learnt the hand ball you had to put the ball on your weak hand and you strong hand had
to skope it like you have a ice cream cone. After that we grabbed a partner and handball it to each other and then we played a game it was who can stay the longest hitting the ball back to there partner.

Term 3 Immersion assembly

On Monday some of the schools in Auckland are going back to school.

When I got to school we lined up for our immersion assembly. When we got in the hall we saw miss Tito riding her bike, and mr Jacobson was riding his mountain bike in the hall.
First team was team 1 they were doing the countries that are entering the commil wafl games. They had a new teacher.

I saw Canada New Zealand America Fiji Samoa, and Scotland, but that ain't all the countries entering the commil wafl games.

After team 1 was finished it was time for team 2, and team 2 had a new teacher but, she worked at our school in 2008. When it was team 2 they did athletes they were all athletes, and they did a movie to show the school the did running javelin, and Shot put. Next is team 3.

They did gymnastic, and they did a movie it was mean as, and funny I Liked there one.Then it was time for team 4 the did the mash potato that was the sport the made up. There one was so funny, but they only had a movie. After team 4 it was time for team 5 they went to another countries Miss paget went to Atlanta Miss Clark went to New York miss Nua went to Spain, and miss Quires went to Chile.

Miss clark went to some place, and she saw Kim Kardashian, and a video of a New yorker, miss Paget saw a mean car, and some planes.Miss Nua was swimming in a pool, and baking.
And miss Quires took a video on a big as mountain for our school.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


105 divided by 3 =
split 105 in to a tidy number that is on you three times tableDLO.png
Step2 share these amounts between three groupsScreenshot from 2014-06-03 12:26:10.png
Screenshot from 2014-06-03 12:28:35.png
Step2 add all the amounts togetherScreenshot from 2014-06-03 12:30:15.png

Then 35+5 = 35

Thats your ansewr