Thursday, July 24, 2014

Future Aspirations

Future Aspirations
P1 Introduce topic
main goal of the session
who? what?

Choose the one that inspired you the most.
What it is that they inspired you with the most
some quotes.

Take what she said and how will that apply to you
What are you going to do? How will what she said help you?

Today the intermediate people went to the street because we had Future Aspirations to come speak to us. First we played a song welcoming them then Mr Jacobson talked about how he got his job, And what inspired him. When they came in person named Andrew was talking to us he said on sunday he is going to USA, and he said he is taking 1 person from Tamaki college.  He said all of is it for free, and his job is talking on the radio.

The most one that inspired me was Anired Fairera He is a cop he said that every day he helps the community, and he said he help do the kids safety day, and hes been on the job for 10. He said that know one from tamaki college has been training for a cop.

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