Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry night

Starry Starry night

Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Starry night in 1889.

The moon is yellow and its bright like the stars but the village is dark.  The colour of the sky is mostly blue and yellow. The sky is swirling like a koru.  When you look closely you can see broad brush strokes and the sunset.

The tree stands out the mosts. When you look at the houses there are lights. In the foreground you can see the church steeple and the tree.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art alive

In our school assembly this morning, some teachers were dressed up. We have a new topic it is Art Alive.

Van Gogh was a famous painter, but when he was sad he got so crazy he chopped off his ear. The painting he  liked was the flower painting. He sold it for 82  million dollars.Mrs Garden was van gogh but she was pretending.

Van Gogh lived from 1853 to 1890 he died from a gunshot
I like art because you can paint and draw it is cool and fun.
What will you feel when he died?

Van Gogh was one of the first painters to use colour to show moods
abd feelings instead of painting realistic.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous painting but he shot his self .
People didn't like Van Gogh’s painting but when he died pepol did like it and Van Gogh
didn't even know.

He was bornTheo was helping him he was giving him money.

One of his painting was $40 000 000.
Starry night over the rhone

Starry night

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Van Gogh

Van Gogh painted sunflowers in 1888 and it was worthless, but in 1987 it sold $40 000 000. He painted it with oil paints.

He did his painting with yellow it makes him feel happy and the colors he used was yellow
orange and brown.

I like Van Gogh’s painting because it bright and colorful because he felt happy and He made his pictures detailed. But what I don’t like about this painting it’s got to much paint 
When Van Gogh painted his sunflowers it had old sunflowers and young ones. It has yellow and orange and brown colors. I don’t like this painting that much.

Van Gogh painted this picture for his friend Paul Ganguin.because he was coming from France.

This is Van Gogh sunflower painting and it is famous.