Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Skinks are lizards they are native to New Zealand and they are protected.

Skinks have dry scales on their body. Adult Skinks are about 60 millimeters to 140
millimeters long. You can’t measure the tail because it always falls of and grows in a
different length.They have small eyes but its eyesight is excellent.The Skinks skin dosing grow with them it is very small pieces.

Skinks mainly are carnivores and they eat insects bugs spiders and soft fruit of native trees. They can eat anything they can attack.

They are found in different places in New Zealand,  from warm areas to cold areas in the south. Skinks live in rocky areas like the  seashore, forest floor,tussock, alpine mountains. Skinks like sun basking in the sun to keep them selves warm.

I think Skinks are weird.

Monday, August 6, 2012


In the weekend I went to have a swim at the Pt England  beach.
When we got there I jumped in the water and when I went down the rock
I fell over.

Then I saw Kyal in the water and I said s’up and he said s’up back.
After that we went to jump off the rock and it was fun.

Then we went to go play on the new playground.
We started to play rugby and in was so muddy and I slid in the mud and I was so
muddy and it was fun.

When we finish the game we went to go on the swing and it
can go hy and it was so fun and cool.