Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Holiday

In my Holidays I went to my sisters house. On the second day me, and my cousin Michael went to go to the library we were waiting for Michaels friend. When we went back Our dinner was ready because we came back late.The next day mr sister got her PS3 out, and we played smackdown vs raw 2K13. My favourite person is brock lesnar.

After that we all went to the park because my sister has a little baby.
When we got to the park we played on the flying fox, and soccer it was fun.The next day we had to go to my aunt's house when we got there I waited in the car for a little while, and Michael went in with his mum too . When I went inside they just finished having burger king I was like “ohhh” then we watched the despicable me 2 it was funny as at the end.

Then after that I had to go home but I did have fun saying at my sisters. When I got home all my cousins was there.

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