Friday, March 23, 2012

Evan's School Camp

Last week year 6/5 was camping at Pt England School we had 56 tents on the felled.
The first thing we did was top team when I did the balloons thay kept on popping and
I felt angry.

The most thing I was looking forward to was get lost because it looks fun but the
frog eggs looks gross and yuck I did not want to eat it.

When I was about to go sleep my my friend farted and it smelled .
My goal is to get better at top team because my balloons kept on popping.

Then we went kayaking we walked to the beach. when we got there we can only
got to the the point and back.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


On Friday mornings we go to assemble and we have ms Muliaumasealii.
Ms Muliaumasealii is a art teacher we do lots off work and art.
I like ms Muliaumasealii because we do lots off staff and its fun.
Some times we don’t have her but we had a norther teacher.


On Thursday I walked to school when I got there we went to netball And played some games.
We did chest pass and more and at the end we played a cool game with hole class.
Then we went to class and went on are notebooks and did some work.
When we finish we can have free time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


On Wednesday when I got to school we went to ICT and Music for our asttle test.
When we finish we went to the hall and played a game. After That It was lunch time when
the bell rung We did some work then I went Home And watch TV then went to bed.


On Tuesday when I waked up I felt good but when I got to school we had to do lots of work and I was angry. after mooring tea we did maths and I did not finish so I had to finish it at home. after school when I got back I had to finish of my work. when I finished I went to the takeaway to get my dinner. then I went to sleep.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Monday Morning

A week in the life of Evan a year 6 student.

On Monday mooring's when I wake up at 7o’clock I feel sad because I am still tired.
Then I cleaned up my bed and I had my breakfast and had a wash then I went of to school. After school I went to My friends then played and went back home then went back
played the ps3 came back and watched TV then went to sleep.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


You can see tekotekos at marae's. A tekoteko protects the people and this marae from harm. When you go to a marae and see something up top it is called a tekoteko.

Vision Board

My vision board is to have a cool as house and a skyline. When I grow up I Want to be a rugby player and get a job like a movie star or McDonald’s. I want to get Strong and healthy