Wednesday, July 23, 2014



(Session 1)
When it was our first time at AFL we learnt the drop punt first it was laces away from faces, and Xs up and down, and point your feet to were you want it to go then kick the ball. After that we got a partner my partner was Korebeau we had to kick the ball at each other so we get used to it so we played a game it was fun as we had to kick the ball to the other team, but if they catch it we lose a point, but if they don't then we get a point, and you weren't aloud to go in the middle.

(Session 2)
When we went back to AFL we played a game someone had to be the tagger and 3 other people
had to hold hands so the tagger don't get. You had to turn around so he doesn't get you.
Then we learnt the hand ball you had to put the ball on your weak hand and you strong hand had
to skope it like you have a ice cream cone. After that we grabbed a partner and handball it to each other and then we played a game it was who can stay the longest hitting the ball back to there partner.

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