Friday, May 9, 2014


Today our classroom is going to the hall for badminton.
When we got there a man named Rob was talking about how to hold a bat then we played oktopus.After that he said to us line up in one line, and then Rob was coming to give us all a bat each.

After that he was teaching us how to hold a bat there was forehand,and back hand.
Then he gave as a shuttle each, and practice our forehand then we practice our backhand.After all that stuff we practiced to vs another partner my partner was Nathan.

Then we played a game it was who could last the longest with there partner we got like after 20 seconds so then we played again we stall got out so after that we had to go it was fun to learn badminton, but now we have 3

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Immersion assembly

Immersion assembly

On Monday we are going back to school for term 2.
“WAKE UP” my mum said get ready for school. I got out of bed made my lunch washed my face, and made my breakfast. After that I went to school with my brother, and when we got there I saw my friends waiting for me at the chairs next to the crossing We were just talking about what we did in the holidays“RING RING” the bell went so went to class, and marked the roll.

Then when we were finished marking the roll we put on our shoes on, and left to the hall.
When we got there we saw a lot of balloons tied to the floor, and we could hear music like. Then Mr bert came and talked about  what the topic was for this term then he said how many blowns can lift a toy New York taxi first we started with 13 balloon it didn't work the we kept on going  until we got to 16 blowns to make it fly, but then it got stuck.

Then it was time for team 1 it was about the zoo, and keeping themselves safe and tomorrow they were going to the zoo, and also the had a movie about them at the zoo.
After that it was time for team 2 they were doing how things fly like planes hot air balloons.
Then It went team 3 team 4 and team 5.