Monday, March 4, 2013

going to the beach

This morning we all completed our first writing sample for 2013.I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my writing I will post my goals from this soon

On friday we went for our picnic at the beach there were a lot of pepol .
I was walking with my friend Kori. I was sweaty because it was a very hot day.
When we got there Kori went missing I didn't know were he went I thought he went to the toilet.

Then my Other friend went missing too then I went to go look for them I looked on the beach I checked in the toilets and he wasn't there. So I went to go play football it was fun until it got boring.Then I went to ask kyal If you can help me look for Kori and Michael so we looked in the same places to see if he was there but he wasn't.

Then we went to the park he still wasn't there.But then I can here Kori yuling out to me I was looking around then I saw him on top of the roof then I said how did you get up there
someone frew me up  where's Michael over there Then I said lookout.

Then the man frew Kori of and Michael Kori broke his leg Michael he landed on his feet and he was ok.So then the man jumped of and try to run The I got a rock and frew it and i got his head and and he ran in the tree and black out Then I got my phoen and rang 111.The police came and toke the man to jail for 4 years.I got the abulince too.