Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Highlight of the year 2013

When I was a year 7 we had to go to the street it’s like a small hall. When all the year 7s and year 8s got there Mrs Nua called our names and a room number like room 15 19 20 21 and 22 I wanted to be in my friends classroom. But I went to room twenty two.

As the terms went by we did lots of fun stuff we played games like touch handball lightning ball and more. But it was boring when we had to run around the reserve lots of times.
And we had swimming lessons for one week.

And I made a friend called William and more and some times we used to hate each other. Then my cousin came her name was
Gianna she came to pt England school three years ago.Then Gianna’s brother came called Michael he went to 2 schools called green meadows and west bridge west bridge is a home school so he sleeps there and on the weekends he can come over when term 3 was almost over we had athletics and we had cross country.

I liked this year because it has been so fun with Mrs Nua And Mr barks and all my friends.
We also had fun on our netbooks I love my netbook. Now I am so looking forward for next year my goal was to be good this year and to be good at writing reading and maths and to be nice.

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