Thursday, November 1, 2012

The shops

One morning at school I had to go to the shop to get some milk . Something was strange, there were people in a black van wearing something on their heads that was black.They had guns I was so scared they where going to shot me.

As I got close to the shop someone said give me your money the shopkeeper said no then I heard a loud bang. When I went to go have a look there was lots of blood on the floor.I came up to him and kick him in his face.

I grabbed his gun and shot him the car lift they lift him behind.I rang the police it didn't work so I said to someone to call the police. It did work It took them 5 minutes to get here.

They took the shopkeeper to the hospital and they took the robber to jail.I just got the milk and went to go.I told my friend Kori Lee what happen he didn't believe me.          

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